Make Your Own Tactical Turkey Hunting Lounge Chair

If you’ve looked into turkey vests or turkey hunting chairs lately, you’ll know they’re almost as pricey as a La-Z-Boy recliner. But, you don’t have to spend $50-$100 on a new chair to get comfortable in the turkey woods. When patience and being still matter, it’d be hard to say, “You don’t need a comfortable seat.” So, instead of spending the big bucks on a turkey lounger, I pulled an old beach chair outta the shed (It was left from previous tenants) and painted that sucker up using brown and green spray paints. I just so happened to have some faux leaves that I’d bought to camouflage my bow during deer season and forgot to use, so I zip-tied those bad boys on there too. What I finished with was a camouflaged recliner that is almost impossible not to sleep in. But, at least the turkeys won’t see me snoozing. If the turkey hunting isn’t going well, I always let this lounger all the way back and get some sun in the pasture.

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