The Top 5 How to Camo Paint Stencils online

Top 5 Online Tutorials For Camo Painting Guns & Boats

Since the most valuable info to users on this site has by far been the wetland camo duck boat stencil based on “user views”, I’m guessing you guys are painting up some stuff. Since, I listen to what users want, I’ve compiled this list of the Top Camo Tutorial Videos On The Net. I selected them based on detailedness, ease of use and also tried to find a variety of different approaches so you guys pick your favorites. Comment below this article to pick your favorites or suggest another video or site that has a great tutorial also.

No. 1: Duck Hunting Forum Post

This is by far the most extensive wetland camo painting tutorial for shotguns on the web. Since, I did this to my gun and thouroughly enjoyed the outcome. I picked this one as number one. It’s easy, and it’s great looking!

Wetland camo paint how-to, tutorial for shotgun.

No. 2: Digital Camo Video Tutorial

I picked this as number two because it is detailed and the outcome is amazing! Mute the video if you don’t want to listen to the music, but it’s a good tutorial. So, what if its not a real gun, it’s well thought-out giving it the No. 2 rank on the camo tutorial top list.

No. 3: You Tube Video: How To Paint A Duck Boat

I selected this one because its easy and functional. At a distance this boat is well camouflaged with sawgrass and other winter grasses common around the marsh. This video shows an easy and simple way to paint a duck boat that anyone can understand. Well done my friend!

No. 4: You Tube Video How To Tiger Stripe Camouflage Paint A Gun

I don’t particularly like the outcome of this gun, but it is camouflage. The pistol he shows at the end is more my style, but as long as it’s camo, it’s cool with me. He makes the cut for making an easy to follow video, that I’m sure a lot of you guys can appreciate.

No. 5: OutdoorWriter.Net Wetland Camo Duck Boat Stencil Kit

I know, I know. I can’t be in the countdown because it’s my page, there’s gotta be some stipulations. Well, I think I should’ve won first place, but I moved it to fifth just to be reasonable. This is by far the most detailed FREE stencil making duck boat kit on the web today. So, it makes the list. Enjoy!

Duck boat after stencil painted with free stencils like Styx River.

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